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Cardiac Anaestiology with a Large Atrial Tumor and Types of Cardiac Tumors

Dhanalakshmi Kadiyala*

Department of Medicine, Sidhardha Medical College, Vijaywada, India

*Corresponding author:

Dhanalakshmi Kadiyala

Department of Medicine, Sidhardha Medical College, Vijaywada, India

Email: [email protected]

Citation: Kadiyala D (2020) Myopathic Cardiology, Traits and its Therapeutical Actions. Interv Cardiol J Vol.7 No.3:119

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Cardiac anesthesiology is subspecialty of the medical practice of anesthesiology, devoted to the pre-operative, intraoperative and post-operative care of adult and pediatric patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery, and related invasive procedures. The anesthetic aspects of the care related to the surgery cases such as open heart surgery, lung surgery and other operations of the human chest. The perioperative care with expert handling of patient cardiopulmonary physiology through precise and move along with the application of pharmacology, resuscitative techniques, critical care medicine, and invasive procedures.




Cardiac myxoma is primary cardiac tumors. In some cases of an atrial myxoma the excellence left atriotomy alone does not enable secure tumor resection and easy entrance to the mitral valve. The report the cases of two patients with huge left atrial myxoma connected with severe mitral valve regurgitation that go through an inverted T-shaped biatrial incision for tumors excision and mitral repair. This approach reduces tumors fragmentation and permits good mitral valve exposure. Heart pumps at birth are composed of undifferentiated cellular mesenchyme connected with under layered surface and closed by plump immature endothelial cells. Direct and indirect poisonous to the cardiovascular system can be explained by using cell lines with assessments of oxidative stress, inflammation and cell death. Without paralysis, anesthesiologists lose their “safety net” to prevent patient movement during periods of mismatch between the level of anesthesia and the level of surgical stimulation. The most regularly employed local anesthetics are either amino acids or amino esters.

Both of these representatives affect nerve function in a similar function with the largest effect on communication of pain sensation.

A coronary sinus catheter was pushed for retrograde cardioplegia. We observed that the tumor had its origin near the fossa ovals. The incision was extended into the inter-atrial septum to a point about 5 mm from the pedicle.

<h4>Types of Cardiac Tumors/h4>

The Types of cardiac tumors are two i.e. primary and secondary. Primary tumors affect the people partially the most common type of primary cardiac tumor is myxoma. Most of these tumours are benign and at any age can develop a myxoma; these are more common in men and woman. Tumour grows in the left upper chamber of the heart i.e. left atrium at the atrial septum it separates the two upper chambers of the cardiac vessels. Myxomas can grow in other areas of heart but such growth is rare. Other types of benign tumours are papillary fibroelastomas, fibromas, lipomas, and pericardial cysts. Secondary tumours are more common compared to the primary tumours. These types of tumours are didn’t start in the heart instead they move to heart after developing in another area of the body.


After surgery confronting a huge myxoma or secondary mitral valve damage, an extended incision gives better exposure. When a large tumour mass grows from the atrial septum connection into the left ventricle and it can compromise mitral valve competence even if that is not obvious preoperatively. Mitral recapitulate can be a consequence of ventricular and annular dilatation or of direct leaflet damage. Consequently, severe mitral regurgitation becomes evident after tumour resection. The incision was prolonged into the interatrial septum to a point about 5 mm from the pedicle.

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